Five Perfect Colors to Paint Your Bedroom

At the end of a busy and stressful day at work, all you need are a warm shower, sumptuous meal, and sound sleep. However, your bedroom’s condition can determine whether you will have a much-needed rest or if your moods will change the moment you enter the room. If you want to enjoy your bedroom’s comfort, the first culprit to deal with is your bedroom’s color. The right paint color and professional painting services can be the difference.

Although there are some colors that expert painters recommend for bedrooms, people have different preferences and tastes. While you may prefer brighter colors, another person will be happy with bold or dark colors. Don’t be afraid to drop the traditional colors for the color you love. After all, the bedroom is yours, so is sleep. Here are five perfect colors to paint your bedroom.

  1. Blue

Blue is a popular color that you can use to paint different parts of the house, including the kitchen and living room. However, blue is a relaxing color that creates a soothing effect in the bedroom. Blue comes in different shades, from dark to bright hues. The choice of the shade depends on the environment you want to create in the bedroom. If your bedroom is modern, country, or rustic, royal blue will make it easy for you to tie the rest of the colors together.

On the other hand, soothing soft blue color paint will make you feel like you are swimming in the fresh air. It adds a dreamy quality to the room and offers versatility. If you want to show your bedrooms other features like beddings and accessories, you can consider dusky or navy blue instead of a lighter shade.

  1. White

If you want your room to appear more prominent and have more space, white is the color for your bedroom. It is so invigorating and fresh in the morning and relaxing and soft at night. White reflects a lot of light, which makes you feel airy while revealing your bedroom’s delicate details and elements at the same time. White also works well with just any color or pattern that you may want to add to your bedroom. It gives a balance to wooden pieces on rustic décor that may make your room feel cluttered and heavy.   The good thing is that white can act as a good foundation for any color. So you don’t need to scrub off part of it before you can add another color to your room.  

  1. Green

Apart from blue, green is also a relaxing color that will create a much-needed environment in your bedroom. If you have a country bedroom with wooden elements, pale green will be the perfect color paint. The soft shade of green is a good fit for the traditional bedroom because it is dark enough to show off other bedroom elements and sufficient light to make you happy. If you want a more playful shade than pastel, you may consider light apple green color, which creates a mix of calm and to take away the gloom. But, if you want to make a lasting impression, go for emerald green. It will give your bedroom an exotic and faraway look, like you on vacation.

  1. Gray

Gray is both an interior and exterior color. However, some people are skeptical about painting their bedroom gray. This is understandable because some shades of gray may create a dull environment whenever you enter a room. But gray is a lovely and calming color that can easily lull you to sleep. It can also reveal the beauty of other elements and accessories in the room, especially the wall décor. A light gray is a perfect option if you want to keep it simple and retain the brighter look in your bedroom. If you want a cooler gray, you can consider blue-gray shade. It creates a calm feeling and warmth of a bluish neutral. While you may be skeptical about dark gray, there is a smoky moody gray shade that you will fall in love with. This shade enables you to switch up your décor accent with ease and anytime you want without changing the room color.

  1. Pink

Although pink is a feminine color, it can create a sophisticated boudoir if you use the right shade. Nude pink is a perfect color that creates a romantic feel in the bedroom. It has an underlying beige tone, which prevents it from dominating other colors or elements in your bedroom. If the pink color still dominates your bedroom, you can team it with fresh white on the wall and furniture. White stripes on a pink wall keep the color balance and improve visual impact. Apart from white, you can include dark-colored accessories such as a brown overhead lamp or a clear chandelier.