The Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms

If you want to paint a small room, the first color that comes to mind is white. Most people believe that white color makes the room appear bigger. However, if you are a “colorful person,” there are plenty of colors that you can incorporate into your small room, including dark colors, without them overwhelming the room. Remember, small spaces are the best places to make bold statements. 

Depending on the intended use for the small space, and whether you want it to appear more prominent or look cozy, you will achieve whatever you desire with the right paint color and the help of professional painters. You can try any of these paint colors for your small rooms, and you will be impressed by the outcome.


You want to play safe because you are not sure whether a different color from white will suit your small rooms. Or you simply want something brighter for the small spaces. The best alternative to white is either off-white or supper white. Off-white color such as Benjamin Moore’s linen white has a little red undertone that adds extra depth to your small spaces. With it, your room will stay neutral but with a little bit of personality and warmth. If you don’t like red undertone, you can go for pink, blue, or green. 

Alternatively, you can go for super white color if you want more light in your small rooms. White reflects light, making the wall recede, which causes a small space to appear bigger.


If you are not ready to incorporate bold colors to your small rooms and also don’t want basic white, beige is the paint color to go for. Beige is a neutral color that will never go out of style. Rooms of all sizes and shapes can accommodate it, so you don’t have to worry about that part of the house that you may have overlooked during construction. Beige blends well with both bright and dark colors and enhances their appearance. Whether you prefer bright beddings for small bedrooms or tan seats for your small living room, beige will still light up the room. The good thing is that there are several shades of beige, including Magnolia’s Southern Grown, which you can choose.

Gunmetal Gray

You will never go wrong with gray, either for interior or exterior color for your home. Moreover, the small the room, the darker it should be. A bold gray like gunmetal gray is an excellent choice for small living rooms or restrooms. It is sophisticated and modern yet chic and cozy and can make that needed statement without neutralizing the furniture and lighter accent. If the gray is too much, you can spruce it up with some bright-colored wall hanging or simply throw in some white pillows on your couch.

Sky Blue

While dark colors may absorb most of the light coming into your small bedroom during the day, light or sky blue will do the opposite and give it a soothing feel. This color hue, just like white, reflects light and brightens all the dark corners of the room, making it appear larger and welcoming. It also adds color to the small living room without overpowering the small space. It is an excellent choice for neutral rooms, but you can also splash other colors to give a complete feel.

Soft yellow

If you have kids in the house, you do not want to treat them to dull colors. Also, it would be best if you did not stick to the traditional blue and pink colors. Soft yellow is perfect for small kids’ rooms because it is fun and colorful and adds some warmth to the small space. You can also use the color hue in your bedroom if you have a small space or along the corridors. To open up more space in the rooms, you can add transparent features such as sheer curtains to let in more light. Soft yellow also blends perfectly with super white. So, you can consider white furniture for runs that are painted a soft yellow.


Some people believe that red will take up all the space in a small room. However, this is just a misconception borne out of fear for red colors. Red is a perfect bold color for small rooms. A bold color on the wall draws your eyes in and makes the rest of the space to expand and appear big. Moreover, shades like Valspar’s Cut Ruby are extraordinary that you can use to make a big statement. You can opt for burgundy if you do not prefer a screaming red on your wall, and pair it with white or warmer shades for that desired feel.